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Questions and Answers

How do I clean my Black Hills Gold Jewelry?

Care and leaning of your Black Hills Gold Jewelry is very simple!

It is recommended to use distilled water along with a mild cleanser and a soft toothbrush. That’s it!

If your results do not satisfy you than I recommend you take it to your local jewelry store and have it done professionally.

What is Bronze Cold Cast?

"Cold Cast Bronze Statues" also known as bronze resin. This technique is a blending of bronze powder and epoxy resin to produce a material which is then applied to the interior of a silicone mold. Subsequent applications with this material then produce a shell into which an armature (wire frame) can be constructed. The mold is then filled with a blend of resin and metal powders and is left to cure. Once the cold cast has set it is then dipped in copper or nickel and given an antiqued finish.

What is the "Lost Wax Process"?

The lost wax process of bronze casting, which appeared nearly six thousand years ago, the artist first sculpts in soft wax; then makes a rubber mold of the wax model. From the rubber mold he creates multiple wax impressions of the original. Each wax impression is encased in a ceramic shell and placed in an oven; with temperatures exceeding fifteen hundred degrees, the wax melts rapidly. The ceramic shell is packed in sand and molten bronze is poured into the shell. When the bronze cools, the ceramic shell is broken. The bronze casting is then finished with meticulous handwork to capture and enhance every detail of the original wax model.

Featured Products

Featured Product

Featured Product

Eagle Sculpture M-51127

M-51127 = Perched Eagle on American Flag
Perched Eagle on American Flag Sculpture.  This Cold Cast Bronze American Bald Eagle statue stands proudly perched upon an American Flag. This beautifully detailed sculpture is one of our best sellers.  Perched upon the American Flag has made it a very popular item with the U.S. Armed Forces for retirement gifts and promotional awards and gifts in general.  Custom plating available. 
Use the code A0112 when placing your order to receive a 10% discount, offer valid through December 31, 2012

Featured Product

Featured Product

Circle Of Excellence

I-4032 = Circle Of Excellence

Bronze Eagle Award on Walnut Base.

One of our more popular awards this beautifully designed Eagle Sculpture is a Bronze cast in the Lost Wax Process, allowing intricate detail, beauty and gracefulness of the American Bald Eagle. Set within the “Circle of Excellence” the Eagle looks as if it is floating in mid-air. Accented with a walnut base this piece is perfect for any home or office. Custom plating available.

Available in two sizes. Large = 9"H x 11-1/4"W Small = 5 ½"H x 5"W 

Featured Product

Featured Product

Freedom Eagle Mirror

F810-FDM Freedom Eagle Mirror

The American Bald Eagle perched upon a branch with its wings in the wind and glorious mountains afar are perfectly captured in this elegant etched glass mirror.

Each etched glass Eagle mirror is individually etched by skilled artisan’s one piece at a time. After being inspected the mirror is then set into a solid oak frame. All frames are crafted in the USA from the finest quality hard wood and are given a hand rubbed double lacquer finish for a luster that is absolutely incredible. Available in three sizes measuring 10 x 12, 19 x 23, and 27 x 35 inches.

Welcome to Come Fly with the Eagles Blog! 

We look forward to keeping you updated with exciting information about the American Bald Eagle. We will also be listing new product lines and special discount offers to our customers.         

American Bald Eagle Updates

American Bald Eagle Updates

On March 30th we had the pleasure of being given a private tour of the American Eagle Foundations bird care facility in Pigeon Forge Tennessee. What a fascinating place!
We were graciously greeted by Joanne whom gave us a very warm welcome and introduced us to the two beautiful parrots who reside in the offices at the AEF.  Joanne then introduced us to Beth who gave us the tour, first stop was the incubation room.  Unfortunately we could only peek in through the door because it is extremely important that the eaglets have no contact with humans even while they are developing in the eggs.
We then proceeded to the yard of the facility where we happen to run into the president Al Cecere and had the honor of chatting with him for a few minutes about what we are doing to help bring awareness and support to the AEF.
In the facility yard there are several separate “barns” where the birds are kept.  One barn is for rehabilitation of birds that are in process of healing to be released to the wild again or to be released to a different facility to call home due to being severely wounded making them non-releasable to the wild.  There is also a quarantine barn, two mating barns, the outer exercise yard and the main facility where all of the show birds including Challenger and Tuck amongst others call home when they are not out performing at Dollywood or other educational events.

Beth was an exceptional guide taking time to show us each of the magnificent birds that were home that day starting with Challenger.  Some of you may already know who he is but for those of you who do not, Challenger is the first Bald Eagle in the history of the United States to be trained to free-fly into major league sports stadiums during the presentation of the National Anthem.

Another beautiful bird we were introduced to was Cherokee, a very large female Golden Eagle; she was found orphaned in California in 1992 and was determined to be non-releasable due to human imprinting.  She is one of the performing stars in the “Wings of America” bird show in Dollywood.
Kurt, Beth and Keawah
We also had the pleasure of meeting Keawah a beautiful Red Tailed Hawk up close and personal, what a beautiful bird.  While some of the birds were entertaining at the “Wings of America” bird show that day, there were many more at the facility patiently waiting their turn for their daily exercises or to be the next one to go and perform at Dollywood.
It is an absolutely amazing thing that the good people at the American Eagle Foundation are doing, with the help of many volunteers and contributions from organizations and ordinary people they are ensuring that the American Bald Eagle shall fly free for many years to come.

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