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Bronze Eagle Sculptures & Awards
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Custom Plating

We also offer “personalized” custom plates for any of these sculptures providing unique gifts that will be perfect for that special someone. Plates are NOT included in original base price. Orders requiring personalization are charged a small fee and requires longer shipping time. Please contact customer service for more information at 888-202-6533.

The Bald Eagle is the National Bird of the United States and was declared the National Emblem in 1782. The Bald Eagle has become the symbol of Freedom in the U.S.A. and has played a large part in the American Art World for centuries.

Bronze Eagle Sculptures & Awards

“Over the Top” Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A313C)“Over the Top” Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A313C)
“Majestic Monarch” Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A157)“Majestic Monarch” Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A157)
“Highest Flyer ” Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A222)“Highest Flyer ” Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A222)
“Perfect Vision” Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A130)“Perfect Vision” Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A130)
“Victory 2000” Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A184)“Victory 2000” Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A184)
“Soaring” Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A326B)“Soaring” Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A326B)
Attack Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A327B)Attack Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A327B)
Dead Aim Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A219)Dead Aim Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A219)
Soaring Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-3119)Soaring Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-3119)
Glory Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-5030)Glory Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-5030)
Monarch Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-5017-B)Monarch Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-5017-B)
Proud to be American Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A329)Proud to be American Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A329)
“Soaring Spirit” Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A217)“Soaring Spirit” Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A217)
Circle of Excellence Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-4032)Circle of Excellence Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-4032)
Pinnacle Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-3121)Pinnacle Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-3121)
American Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-3101)American Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-3101)
"Simply the Best" Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A118)"Simply the Best" Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A118)
“Ready for Action” Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A214)“Ready for Action” Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A214)
“Stars and Stripes” Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A203)“Stars and Stripes” Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A203)
Break Away Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A328)Break Away Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A328)
Opus Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-4007)Opus Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-4007)
“On Top” Bronze Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A106)“On Top” Bronze Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A106)
No Barriers Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-4021)No Barriers Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-4021)
“Thunderbird” Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A249)“Thunderbird” Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A249)
Freedom Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-3123)Freedom Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-3123)
Arch of Triumph Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-4030)Arch of Triumph Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-4030)
High Impact Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-4019)High Impact Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-4019)
Harmony Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-1600)Harmony Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-1600)
Magnificence Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-4020)Magnificence Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-4020)

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On orders of $100.00 or more!

This offer is not valid on Cold Cast Bald Eagle Sculptures. If ordering quantities of 10 or more please call for discounted prices and shipping rates.

Offer valid on shipments within the U.S. only. 

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