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Bronze Eagle Awards
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Soaring Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-3119)Soaring Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-3119)

This Bronze Eagle Award is an elegant design of an Eagle in flight, mounted on a Walnut Base.  

Arch of Triumph Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-4030)Arch of Triumph Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-4030)

Posed ever so perfectly, radiating pride and integrity this bronze Eagle award is an admirable selection for law enforcement and corporate awards.  

High Impact Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-4019)High Impact Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-4019)

This bronze Eagle Award beautifully captures the American bald Eagle frozen in time, talons outstretched coming in for a landing.

Victory Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-5031)Victory Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-5031)

Gracefully skimming the top of a wave this bronze Eagle award is brilliantly painted creating an astonishing piece.

Top Quality Bronze Eagle Awards

Our line of bronze awards includes many distinctive eagle statues made right here in the U.S.A. using the century’s old lost wax casting technique. These bronze Eagle awards are exquisitely detailed pieces of art with bases crafted from top quality walnut or authentic variegated black marble.

American Eagle Awards are considered to be one of the highest level awards given for achievement no matter what line of business you are in. These bronze Eagle statues are perfect for corporate awards, executive awards and have also been used for many retirement and memorial applications.

Personalized Eagle Statues

We offer “personalized statues” with brass plating for walnut bases, and etched engraving with color fill for marble bases for an additional charge. All special orders are handled personally and require additional processing time for custom personalization, call before ordering and one of our representatives will personally assist you directly to expedite your order.

Glory Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-5030)Glory Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-5030)

This bronze Eagle award stands to be one of our most popular choices for retirement and memorial occasions. 

Monarch Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-5017-B)Monarch Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-5017-B)

One of our more popular bronze Eagle awards, an American Bald Eagle boldly spreads his wings.

Circle of Excellence Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-4032)Circle of Excellence Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-4032)

A magnificent Eagle soaring through the “Circle of Excellence” this unique bronze Eagle award is mounted on a walnut Base.

Pinnacle Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-3121)Pinnacle Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-3121)

Eyes on his prey and ready for take-off, this is an extraordinarily designed bronze Eagle Award.  

American Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-3101)American Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-3101)

This bronze Eagle Award is a breathtaking design; an American Bald Eagle perched on a rock tastefully mounted on a walnut base.  

Opus Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-4007)Opus Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-4007)

With the wind in his wings this Bald Eagle diligently watches over his territory, this bronze Eagle award is an brilliant choice for the top achiever in your organization.

No Barriers Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-4021)No Barriers Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-4021)

Gracefully soaring through midair this Bronze Eagle Award beautifully captures the American Bald Eagle in flight. 

Freedom Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-3123)Freedom Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-3123)

Absolutely amazing design of an Eagle coming in for landing on a tree branch. 

Harmony Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-1600)Harmony Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-1600)

In this bronze eagle award two Eagles are perched on a variegated marble ball mounted on a walnut base.  

Magnificence Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-4020)Magnificence Bronze Eagle Award (SKU: I-4020)

This bronze Eagle Award is an superb choice for corporate or executive level recognitions. 

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