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Bronze Eagle Sculptures
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The Eagle is a symbol of power that rises above all things. It represents strength and an unconquerable spirit. By the power of God, Israel was delivered often from her enemies--as if on eagle’s wings.

Bronze Eagle Sculptures

Bronze Eagle Sculptures are an excellent gift choice for any occasion, executive level gifts, retirement recognition gifts and employee achievement applications.  The Bronze Eagle sculptures you will see here are of a select group designed and created by the artist himself right here in the good old U.S.A.    

 Evidence of Wally Shoop's American Indian heritage and his respect for nature are indisputably displayed in his eagle sculptures.  Using the lost wax process of bronze casting, the artist follows each bronze eagle sculpture through the process until it is finished with meticulous handwork to ensure exceptional quality and detail.  Having earnest standards and ethical business codes, the artist inspects each casting before release for shipping.    

We also offer custom brass plating for most sculptures for an additional fee.  All special orders are handled personally and may require “additional” processing time for custom personalization, call before ordering and one of our representatives will personally assist you in processing your order. 

Not all pieces are available for immediate shipment, out of stock items may require up to four week production time.  Please call for availability before ordering.

“Over the Top” Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A313C)“Over the Top” Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A313C)
This Bronze Eagle Sculpture is another incredible design of an Eagle in flight over the top of a stone peak.   
“Majestic Monarch” Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A157)“Majestic Monarch” Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A157)
This Bronze Eagle Sculpture is a truly fine example of the exquisite detail achieved with lost wax casting methods. 
“Highest Flyer ” Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A222)“Highest Flyer ” Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A222)
This Bronze Sculpture of an Eagle landing has awesome detail with unbelievable design. 

“Perfect Vision” Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A130)“Perfect Vision” Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A130)
This magnificent Bronze Eagle Sculpture of the American Bald Eagle is proudly perched taking watch over his territory with pride and dignity.  
Forward Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A174)Forward Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A174)
A time for work and a time for play, perched on a rock feeling the air in his wings leaning forward into the current, this bronze Eagle Sculpture is magnificently frozen in time.
“Victory 2000” Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A184)“Victory 2000” Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A184)
An Eagle is proudly perched on top a column with his wings spread wide, symbolizing both pride and integrity in this beautifully detailed bronze Eagle sculpture.
“Soaring” Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A326B)“Soaring” Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A326B)
This Bronze Sculpture of two Eagles soaring in unison has awesome detail with incredible design.
Vigilance Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A190)Vigilance Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A190)
Another elegant design this Eagle is standing solid and ready to defend.
Attack Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A327B)Attack Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A327B)
Creative design and astounding detail make this Bronze Eagle Sculpture an image that is absolutely unforgettable.  
Strike Now Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A262)Strike Now Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A262)
Wings spread wide soaring through the currents this Eagle sculpture captures the Eagle spotting its next prey.
Dead Aim Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A219)Dead Aim Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A219)
In this Bronze Eagle Sculpture the Eagle is swooping in for the catch, this cunning Eagle is about to grasp a fine catch for its next meal.  
The Hunter Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A303)The Hunter Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A303)
Faster than a bullet and quicker than the eye, this Eagle sculpture impressively captures the Eagle swooping in for the catch.
Proud to be American Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A329)Proud to be American Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A329)
This unique Bronze Eagle Sculpture symbolizes Freedom and Integrity proudly displaying the American Bald Eagle in flight over the Liberty Bell.  
“Soaring Spirit” Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A217)“Soaring Spirit” Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A217)
Creative design and astounding detail give this Bronze Eagle Sculpture an image that is absolutely unforgettable. 
The Challenge Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A142)The Challenge Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A142)
There is no challenge in this fight, in this superb Eagle sculpture, the eagle is posed on one foot with a snake tightly clenched between one talon and his beak.
Above and Beyond Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A343)Above and Beyond Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A343)
This Bronze Eagle Sculpture is a striking design devoted to brave men and women who go above and beyond the call of duty and continually give all they have and all that they are to keep us safe.  
Determination Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A342)Determination Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A342)
Zeroing in on its prey this bronze Eagle sculpture is diving with determination to conquer and capture its next meal. 
"Simply the Best" Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A118)"Simply the Best" Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A118)
This Eagle Sculpture is an unusual design; the Eagle is in full flight lifting himself upward through currents of air. The ring of laurel leaves crowns him king of birds.  
“Stars and Stripes” Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A203)“Stars and Stripes” Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A203)
This Bronze Eagle Sculpture is designed in dedication to the memory and the valor of those who have fought and those who are currently fighting in our World Wars. 
“Ready for Action” Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A214)“Ready for Action” Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A214)
A very popular bronze eagle sculpture, combining the spiritual message of the Eagle and the golden circle, a symbol of excellence.
Break Away Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A328)Break Away Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A328)
In this resounding bronze eagle sculpture the force of the spirit is set free. 
“On Top” Bronze Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A106)“On Top” Bronze Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A106)
This beautiful Bronze Eagle sculpture of a Bald Eagle boldly sitting on top the planet Earth with wings extended, symbolizing leadership and authority.
Focused Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A292)Focused Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A292)
Focused on the prey he is about to conquer, with talons out front and ready to strike, this bronze Eagle sculpture is great for corporate and executive recognitions.
“Thunderbird” Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A249)“Thunderbird” Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A249)
In this particular bronze Eagle sculpture nature is magnificently captured in this unique design of an Eagle soaring in the wind with its wings spread wide.
On The Wind Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A340)On The Wind Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A340)
Extraordinary design and detail make this elegant Eagle sculpture an eye catching piece.
“Lightning Strikes” Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A144)“Lightning Strikes” Eagle Sculpture (SKU: A144)
Hand painted amazingly exclusive bronze Eagle Sculpture. In this magnificent sculpture the Eagle is making a quick getaway after it captures a large trout.   
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