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Cold Cast Bald Eagle Sculptures
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Cold Cast Bronze Eagle Statues

This selection of bald eagle sculptures statues, patriotic eagle statues, cold cast bronze eagle statues, unique gifts for Eagle Scout awards and collectors alike. Many eagle décor items including eagle busts, along with office furnishings including picture frames and eagle bookends. If you are looking for eagle decor these eagle statues give an added touch to any office or home décor.

What is cold cast bronze?

The statues on this page are "Cold Cast Bronze Statues" also known as bronze resin. This technique is a blending of bronze powder and epoxy resin to produce a material which is then applied to the interior of a silicone mold. Subsequent applications with this material then produce a shell into which an armature (wire frame) can be constructed. The mold is then filled with a blend of resin and metal powders and is left to cure. Once the cold cast has set it is then dipped in copper or nickel and given an antiqued finish.

Custom Brass Plating

We offer custom brass plating creating “personalized statues” for your Eagle Scout including the official Boy Scouts of America Emblem for an additional charge. All special orders are handled personally and may require additional processing time for custom personalization, call or email before ordering and one of our representatives will personally assist you directly to expedite your order.

Golden Eagle Statue (SKU: M-51153)Golden Eagle Statue (SKU: M-51153)
Perched Eagle on American Flag (SKU: M-51127)Perched Eagle on American Flag (SKU: M-51127)
Soaring Bald Eagle with American Flag (SKU: M-51139)Soaring Bald Eagle with American Flag (SKU: M-51139)
Perched Eagle on American Flag (SKU: M-51156)Perched Eagle on American Flag (SKU: M-51156)
Bald Eagle Sculpture on American Flag (SKU: M-51163)Bald Eagle Sculpture on American Flag (SKU: M-51163)
Perched Eagle Statue (SKU: M-11009)Perched Eagle Statue (SKU: M-11009)
Bald Eagle on American Flag w/ Etching Glass (SKU: M-91149)Bald Eagle on American Flag w/ Etching Glass (SKU: M-91149)
American Eagle Bust Picture Frame (SKU: M-51164)American Eagle Bust Picture Frame (SKU: M-51164)
American Eagle Bust (SKU: M-55151)American Eagle Bust (SKU: M-55151)
Double Soaring Eagles Statue (SKU: M-01004)Double Soaring Eagles Statue (SKU: M-01004)
Eagle on Guard Statue (SKU: M-11014)Eagle on Guard Statue (SKU: M-11014)
Landing Eagle Sculpture (SKU: M-11105)Landing Eagle Sculpture (SKU: M-11105)
Soaring Eagle Statue (SKU: M-31013)Soaring Eagle Statue (SKU: M-31013)
Free Spirit Eagle Sculpture (SKU: M-11106)Free Spirit Eagle Sculpture (SKU: M-11106)
Double Eagles Statue (SKU: M-41112)Double Eagles Statue (SKU: M-41112)
Pewter Eagle Statue (SKU: M-41113)Pewter Eagle Statue (SKU: M-41113)
Swooping Eagle Sculpture (SKU: M-51128)Swooping Eagle Sculpture (SKU: M-51128)
Two of a Kind Eagle Sculpture (SKU: M-41130)Two of a Kind Eagle Sculpture (SKU: M-41130)
Soaring Eagle Statue (SKU: M-41131)Soaring Eagle Statue (SKU: M-41131)
Soaring Eagle Statue (SKU: M-41132)Soaring Eagle Statue (SKU: M-41132)
Soaring Eagle Statue (SKU: M-51137)Soaring Eagle Statue (SKU: M-51137)
Eagle with Two Baby Eagles Sculpture (SKU: M-51116)Eagle with Two Baby Eagles Sculpture (SKU: M-51116)
Eagle on Wave Statue (SKU: M-51111)Eagle on Wave Statue (SKU: M-51111)
Free Flight Eagle Statue (SKU: M-51120)Free Flight Eagle Statue (SKU: M-51120)
Soaring Eagle Statue (SKU: M-51121)Soaring Eagle Statue (SKU: M-51121)
Small Landing Eagle Statue (SKU: M-51123)Small Landing Eagle Statue (SKU: M-51123)
Eagle & Flag Sculpture (SKU: M-31101)Eagle & Flag Sculpture (SKU: M-31101)
Diving Eagle Statue (SKU: M-51122)Diving Eagle Statue (SKU: M-51122)
Young Eagle Sculpture (SKU: M-51124)Young Eagle Sculpture (SKU: M-51124)
Soaring Eagle Statue (SKU: M-51126)Soaring Eagle Statue (SKU: M-51126)
With Pride Eagle Sculpture (SKU: M-51161)With Pride Eagle Sculpture (SKU: M-51161)
Eagle on Globe with Picture Frame (SKU: M-51157)Eagle on Globe with Picture Frame (SKU: M-51157)
Bald Eagle Bookends (SKU: M-51001)Bald Eagle Bookends (SKU: M-51001)
Eagle with Picture Frame (SKU: M-51118)Eagle with Picture Frame (SKU: M-51118)
Eagle and Babies Sculpture (SKU: M-51135)Eagle and Babies Sculpture (SKU: M-51135)
Large Diving Eagle Statue (SKU: M-51134)Large Diving Eagle Statue (SKU: M-51134)
Hunting Eagle Statue (SKU: M-11117)Hunting Eagle Statue (SKU: M-11117)


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