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Bald Eagle Sculptures by Starlite Originals
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American Beauty Eagle Bust (SKU: 3556LE)American Beauty Eagle Bust (SKU: 3556LE)

Kitty has sculpted a picturesque Eagle bust accented with an American flag wrapped around the base. 

The Creator's Messenger Eagle Sculpture (SKU: 3171LE)The Creator's Messenger Eagle Sculpture (SKU: 3171LE)

It is believed that the Eagle is a messenger to God and that it was given the honor of carrying prayers between man and the Spirit World. 

Free Spirit Eagle Sculpture (SKU: 3943LE)Free Spirit Eagle Sculpture (SKU: 3943LE)

The free spirit Eagle sculpture is life-size, making it a very compelling work of art. Marvelously captured taking off from a branch this Eagle radiates elegant beauty and its free spirit. 

Windwalker Eagle Sculpture (SKU: 3135LE)Windwalker Eagle Sculpture (SKU: 3135LE)

Starlite proudly presents this life-size Eagle named “Windwalker”. This spectacular design of a bald Eagle is created by award-winning artist Kitty Cantrell is the crowning glory in fine art sculpture. 

Bald Eagle Sculptures

We are delighted to offer you this fine selection of limited edition Eagle sculptures manufactured by Starlite Originals with original designs from artist Kitty Cantrell and Chris Pardell.  Owned and operated by the Beckerman family, Starlite Originals have been producing top quality beautifully hand crafted works of fine art since 1972 with all production right here in the USA.

Eagle Sculpture of Solid Structure 

Starlite's sculptures are all made from mixed media.  Mixed media is a blend of various fine metals such as brass, bronze, copper, and 24 karat gold vermeil; in addition, the sculpture may also contain adornments of Lucite and wood.  These sculptures are highlighted with various hot torched acid patinas such as black nickel, rose copper, and turquoise, bringing vibrant colors to these hand crafted lifelike eagle sculptures.

Eagle Sculpting Process

Take a moment and watch this short video to see exactly how Starlite Originals brings these exquisite sculptures to life, it really is a fascinating process.

Achievement Eagle Sculpture (SKU: 3951LE)Achievement Eagle Sculpture (SKU: 3951LE)

Achievement is possibly one of Kitty Cantrell’s most beautiful Eagle Sculptures. Embedded in Lucite, a pair of Eagles is magnificently captured soaring ever so high into the clouds on a crystal clear day. 

Clear Waters Eagle Sculpture (SKU: 3553LE)Clear Waters Eagle Sculpture (SKU: 3553LE)

A striking design by Kitty Cantrell, this Eagle sculpture magnificently captures an Eagle clutching a fish in its talons just plucked from the crystal clear waters below.  

Cloud King Eagle Sculpture (SKU: 8481LE)Cloud King Eagle Sculpture (SKU: 8481LE)

One of many designs created by artist Chris Pardell, this Eagle sculpture appropriately named “Cloud King” perfectly captures a majestic Eagle soaring ever so high over a Lucite cloud. 

Eagle Spirit Sculpture (SKU: 8456LE)Eagle Spirit Sculpture (SKU: 8456LE)

Combining two pieces of art in one, this sculpture highlights a large bald Eagle beautifully carved in Lucite looking downward as if peering into a crystal ball watching two eagles playfully performing their mating flight dance. 

Journey Eagle Bust (SKU: 8345LE)Journey Eagle Bust (SKU: 8345LE)

As if frozen in time, brilliantly embedded within a Lucite Eagle Bust is a phenomenal sculpture of an American Eagle in flight. This is just one of Kitty Cantrell’s many breathtaking pieces. 

Leading the Way Eagle Sculpture (SKU: 8126LE)Leading the Way Eagle Sculpture (SKU: 8126LE)

Kitty has magnificently combining two pieces of art in one, this Eagle sculpture spotlights a larger Eagle exquisitely carved in Lucite looking into the distance with a pair of fighting Eagles are embedded in the wing.  

Majestic Beauty Eagle Bust (SKU: 3557LE)Majestic Beauty Eagle Bust (SKU: 3557LE)

Awesome addition to any collection this brilliantly sculpted Eagle bust by Kitty Cantrell displays the true beauty of the majestic American Bald Eagle.

Reaching Higher Eagle Sculpture (SKU: 8003LE)Reaching Higher Eagle Sculpture (SKU: 8003LE)

Perched upon a vibrantly colored American Flag this Eagle sculpture designed by Kitty Cantrell represents Honor, pride and integrity all wrapped up into one.  

Spirit Flight Eagle Sculpture (SKU: 3612LE)Spirit Flight Eagle Sculpture (SKU: 3612LE)

This Eagle sculpture is another exquisite design from Kitty Cantrell, as if frozen in time, this Eagle is marvelously captured soaring through mid-air.  

Strength and Honor Eagle Sculpture (SKU: 8393LE)Strength and Honor Eagle Sculpture (SKU: 8393LE)

This eagle sculpture marvelously captured in Lucite gives the illusion of the Eagle descending through wind currents about to catch its next meal. 

Symbols Of Honor Eagle Sculpture (SKU: 3552LE)Symbols Of Honor Eagle Sculpture (SKU: 3552LE)

Artist Kitty Cantrell combines patriotism and honor in this patriotic Eagle sculpture. 

Valor Eagle Sculpture (SKU: 8540LE)Valor Eagle Sculpture (SKU: 8540LE)

A perfect addition to any collection this Eagle sculpture designed by Kitty Cantrell is an absolutely mesmerizing piece of art.  Surrounded by a beautifully carved Lucite perched Eagle are a pair of American Eagles soaring effortlessly in the crystal clear sky.  

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