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Casting and creating a bronze sculpture is a lengthy process that requires a lot of attention.

The process begins with the “Original Sculpture”. 

The first step begins with the artist creating an original sculpture. This piece is characteristically created from wax or clay, although other materials can be used as well. 

Then comes the “Rubber Mold”

A stretchy two-piece rubber mold is made from the artist's original sculpture. This modern material is able to capture every detail and is used to create duplicates of the original.

Now for the “Wax Casting”

Molten wax is then poured into the rubber mold, thus producing an exact casting of the original sculpture.

The next step is called “Wax Chasing”

When the wax casting is removed from the rubber mold, an artisan individually inspects and hand-finishes it to perfectly match the original sculpture.

Now it’s time for “Gating”

Wax Rods called gates are applied to the wax casting to allow the wax to be removed and create an even flow of molten metal. Special funnels, referred to as sprues, are attached to guide the molten bronze and allow gases of air to escape.

That leads us to “Investing”

The wax casting is then coated with several layers of a specific liquid ceramic over several days. This creates a stable mold, which then must cure for over 48 hours.

Next is the “Burn-Out”

After the curing process this ceramic mold is then fired in a kin. At this point the ceramic will begin to bake and the wax will “burn out” creating a cavity that is an identical duplicate of the rubber mold. The wax is now gone. (Thus the term, "Lost Wax.")

Now for the “Casting”

Molten bronze is poured into the ceramic mold at a temperature of 2100 degrees Fahrenheit. Bronze is an alloy which consists of mostly copper, with small amounts of zinc, lead and tin.

Next the “Breakout”

After the bronze has cooled and hardened, the ceramic shell is now broken open, discarded, and the casting the final "Positive"- is removed. You now have the bronze sculpture ready to be put together. The sprues and gates, which are also in bronze, are removed.

Now it’s time for “Sand Blasting”

Fine sand particles are blasted under air pressure to remove the last traces of ceramic shell that adhere to the bronze.

Then comes the “Chasing”

The raw casting is welded together if needed and all lines are grinded, chased and polished out. All imperfections are removed and the bronze looks exactly like the original sculpture.

Finally “Patination”

The chased bronze is now treated with high temperatures and a variety of chemicals. Years of experience and hours of labor allow this artist to achieve the most spectacular coloration in the finished work of art. 


On orders of $100.00 or more!

This offer is not valid on Cold Cast Bald Eagle Sculptures. If ordering quantities of 10 or more please call for discounted prices and shipping rates.

Offer valid on shipments within the U.S. only. 

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