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Landing Eagle SculptureLanding Eagle Sculpture

Awesome detail makes this landing bald Eagle sculpture a powerful addition to any room at home or in the office. Molded from cold cast bronze with precise detail this eagle sculpture is a perfect choice for Eagle Scout gifts. 

Soaring Bald Eagle with American FlagSoaring Bald Eagle with American Flag

This cold cast bronze sculpture of an Eagle with its wings spread wide soaring over an American Flag is a perfect gift for an Eagle Scout Award. 

Dead Aim Eagle SculptureDead Aim Eagle Sculpture
In this Bronze Eagle Sculpture the Eagle is swooping in for the catch, this cunning Eagle is about to grasp a fine catch for its next meal.  
“Ready for Action” Eagle Sculpture“Ready for Action” Eagle Sculpture
A very popular bronze eagle sculpture, combining the spiritual message of the Eagle and the golden circle, a symbol of excellence.
Free Flight Crystal Eagle AwardFree Flight Crystal Eagle Award

Elegantly perched with the wind in his wings this Eagle is getting ready for his Free Flight.  

No Barriers Bronze Eagle AwardNo Barriers Bronze Eagle Award

Gracefully soaring through midair this Bronze Eagle Award beautifully captures the American Bald Eagle in flight. 

Triumph Crystal Eagle AwardTriumph Crystal Eagle Award

Beautifully designed crystal sculpture of the bald eagle with its wings spread perfectly, reflecting the circle of excellence is an excellent choice for corporate awards or retirement gifts.  

Bald Eagle Sculpture on American FlagBald Eagle Sculpture on American Flag

A powerful piece of art, this cold cast bronze sculpture of a bald Eagle landing on an American Flag has awesome detail and incredible design. Patriotic eagle sculptures make great Eagle Scout gifts and give an added touch to any office or home décor.

Perched Eagle on American FlagPerched Eagle on American Flag

This cold cast bronze American Bald Eagle statue stands proudly perched upon an American Flag. Eagle sculptures make great Eagle Scout gifts and give an added touch to any office or home décor.

“Soaring” Eagle Sculpture“Soaring” Eagle Sculpture
This Bronze Sculpture of two Eagles soaring in unison has awesome detail with incredible design.
“Soaring Spirit” Eagle Sculpture“Soaring Spirit” Eagle Sculpture
Creative design and astounding detail give this Bronze Eagle Sculpture an image that is absolutely unforgettable. 
The Challenge Eagle SculptureThe Challenge Eagle Sculpture
There is no challenge in this fight, in this superb Eagle sculpture, the eagle is posed on one foot with a snake tightly clenched between one talon and his beak.
Glory Bronze Eagle AwardGlory Bronze Eagle Award

This bronze Eagle award stands to be one of our most popular choices for retirement and memorial occasions. 

Circle of Excellence Bronze Eagle AwardCircle of Excellence Bronze Eagle Award

A magnificent Eagle soaring through the “Circle of Excellence” this unique bronze Eagle award is mounted on a walnut Base.

Pinnacle Bronze Eagle AwardPinnacle Bronze Eagle Award

Eyes on his prey and ready for take-off, this is an extraordinarily designed bronze Eagle Award.  

Monarch Bronze Eagle AwardMonarch Bronze Eagle Award

One of our more popular bronze Eagle awards, an American Bald Eagle boldly spreads his wings.

American Bronze Eagle AwardAmerican Bronze Eagle Award

This bronze Eagle Award is a breathtaking design; an American Bald Eagle perched on a rock tastefully mounted on a walnut base.  

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